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Star Trek has influenced some of the greatest technological creations. Now it has gone above and beyond creating the Tricorder which can help diagnose you. The Almighty Tricorder from Star Trek, which analyzes a whole body in a matter of seconds. Is close becoming a reality? Scientist in the U.S. and Taiwan has developed Apps […]
The Future of Volvo: Volvo cars will be electric or hybrid after 2019. Volvo has announced that by 2019 they will only be manufacturing hybrid or electric cars. Volvo or Tesla? Definitely Volvo because all their cars will be electric or hybrid after 2019. Volvo might topple Tesla, The major electric car maker in the market […]
Conductive Electric Paint that Conducts Electricity. This new paint is literally electric! Paint wires, and draw circuits using this new technological invention. Matt Johnson achieved what was believed to be impossible. He made a conductive electric paint. The carbon based paint is black and viscous, which makes it easy to use. This way any surface […]
A Japanese company has created a drone that not only could be used for events and entertainment, but also be used for environmental disasters. (2) 00
Nike’s campaign #breaking2 is merging technology and sports. Featuring new shoes to help you reach your maximum potential. This past Saturday morning humanity was 26 seconds away from breaking a mythical barrier. It happened at the break of dawn, in the circuit of Monza, Italy, but it was not formula 1 car. But Eliud Kipchoge, […]
Whirlpool’s compost machine Zera, makes creating natural fertilizer simple. Making food based fertilizer used to be a long and tedious process. But that is over now. Thanks to Zera, Whirlpool’s compost machine. Since 1991, WLabs has designed home appliances, and now innovates by recycling. This clever invention takes all the food waste and turns it […]
Music and fashion merge in one single design with Adidas Roland TR-808. The model inspired in the historic Beatbox Roland TR-808. Incorporate a volume control, speaker, USB ports, Wi-fi, Bluetooth and memory that lets you program up to six rhythms. The design created by the marketing agency the Neely & Daughters, is all the rage […]
Skin Motion has created a new tattoo technology to be able to play sound-wave tattoos via an app. Some sounds mark our lives forever and other get stuck in our heads. But now you can keep them forever on your skin. Nate Siggard was inspired by his girlfriend after she told him of a dreamed. […]