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Pokemon Go Community Days are mini-event that happens once per month. The next Community Day event will take place on February 24th and will involve the Dragon-Type Pokemon Dratini. The upcoming Community Day will have a 3x Stardust bonus, helping players stockpile Stardust for powering up their Pokemon. Thousands of players took place in Pokemon […]
This coming March, the Nintendo Switch will turn one year old and what a first year it’s had. With more than 10 million sales at the close of 2017 the console has been a far greater success than the Wii U that came before it and Nintendo’s president Tatsumi Kimishima has even said that he […]
As part of a new paid “Battle Pack” DLC, Nintendo announced on Thursday that two new playable Battle Pokemon will be added to the game in the coming weeks. This along with two new sets of support Pokemon. Along with a support team featuring Mega Rayquaza and Mimikyu, on January 31st, the powerful Ghost/Steel Pokemon […]
Spotify has quietly filed for their initial public offering. According to a report from news service Axios, the music streaming service filed late last month. Although the company has not publicly announced the IPO, reports indicate it will be a direct listing, suggesting that Spotify will avoid a publicity event. But their plans may linger […]
Back in October of last year, Microsoft decided to kill off the Kinect camera. It should come as no surprise the Kinect adapter used to connect the device to Xbox One S, Xbox One X, and PC has now been discontinued. In a statement to Polygon, a Microsoft spokesperson said: “After careful consideration, we decided […]
Nintendo Switch Nabs Fastest-Selling Home Video Game Console Title The iconic gaming company announced Tuesday that they broke the record by selling nearly five million units in ten months, The Switch — a hybrid home/portable console — debuted in early March for $299. It surpassed the Wii, another Nintendo console, which was released in 2006 […]
Gaming laptops — especially budget gaming laptops — tend to skimp on display quality. Even big manufacturers like Dell are guilty of slapping cheap TN displays on otherwise great gaming laptops. The display is the most important bottleneck for your games. A gaming laptop’s display is literally your window into the game world and as […]
Japan always seems to get the best things. Starting on January 19, those who visit Universal Studios Japan will have a chance to check out the Final Fantasy Ride. This (virtual) roller coaster ride will give patrons a chance to live out their Final Fantasy… er… fantasies by immersing them in a unique virtual reality experience. […]
The Nintendo Switch is undeniably a hit , and it’s all the more remarkable for achieving that success without a subscription-based online service such as Xbox Live on the Xbox One and PlayStation Network on the PlayStation 4 . Nintendo does, in fact, eventually plan to launch such a service called Nintendo Switch Online, but […]