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Facebook has announced a new unit of time called the “flick.” It’s the equivalent to precisely one 705,600,000th of a second. It’s useful for special effects artists and anybody else working in film or virtual reality. “Flicks” cleanly divide each frame in a movie, TV show, or video game in an easy-to-read, easy-to-use number. Flick’s […]
Facebook announced Friday that it will focus on improving the quality of news stories in users’ home feeds. The company previously announced that it would favor content shared by contacts in users’ networks over that from publishers. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced in a statement, “Today I’m sharing our second major update this year: to […]
Changes are coming to Facebook’s News Feed. But according to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, that change will be coming from the user base. Zuckerberg stated in a post that the social media network will start surveying users to determine which news sources are trusted the most.Based upon that survey, News Feed will begin to prioritize ‘trustworthy’ […]
Facebook announced changes are coming to how it will source news. According to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook will rank stuff in News Feed to give trustworthy news sources priority over those users do not consider trustworthy. However, Facebook won’t be making this discussion alone. Instead, Zuckerberg stated they will survey users to determine which news […]
A starkly threatening internal memo to Snapchat employees was leaked to Cheddar early Friday, painting a desperate picture of the struggling young company. In a Sisyphean twist, the leaked memo was about preventing leaks. Michael O’Sullivan, chief lawyer and general counsel of Snapchat’s parent company, threatened firing, lawsuits, and even jail time for employees who […]
The use of visual communication tools like video chat, emojis, and AR filters is gaining steam on Messenger. Messenger is leader for much of the Western chat app industry, so any changes it undergoes in 2018 will have wide implications for both users and businesses. These are three actions Facebook Messenger will take in 2018, […]
Instagram may be adding the option to create stories without photos. Although the app hasn’t confirmed anything, users in Japan and Europe have spotted options to add text to a colored background with no photo. According to the Next Web, the feature, called Type, gives users four different fonts to add to a colored background […]