The use of visual communication tools like video chat, emojis, and AR filters is gaining steam on Messenger. Messenger is leader for much of the Western chat app industry, so any changes it undergoes in 2018 will have wide implications for both users and businesses.

These are three actions Facebook Messenger will take in 2018, which other players in the industry are likely to mimic: First, visual messaging — images, video, GIFs, and stickers — will fully take off in 2018, as video chatting to engage with others becomes more popular on the platform. Second, Messenger’s high engagement rates, convenience, and ability to offer new ways to reach businesses serve to make Messenger the preferred method for consumers to communicate with businesses.

Messenger plans to capitalize on that, potentially replacing customer service emails and phone calls. Finally, Messenger will make the platform more seamless for businesses of all sizes to market to consumers. These key actions will help to aid Facebook in its efforts to transform Messenger into a business communication hub.


Facebook Plans to Improve Messenger in 2018



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